On Being A Nikon Fan

Some of you may be wondering, “Why does he focus so much on Nikon products?” The biggest reason is, I’ve really only ever shot Nikon. My Father had a Nikon that he gave me back in high school, and because of the inherited lens system, the choice was pretty much made for me. When it came time to purchase my first DSLR, the D100, I wanted the backwards lens compatibility. I have played around with some Canon products, but they never felt right in my hands. Don’t get me wrong, I think Canon cameras can make wonderful images as well, with great clarity and sharpness. (For those who might be thinking about what camera system to choose, please take a look at my other post.)

For myself, I like the build quality Nikon provides. I love the weather sealing and rugged build of their prosumer cameras. The ergonomics are the best in the industry, with the power switch and shutter button in the same position. Add on a vertical grip (or get a pro level SLR) and everything is so nicely balanced with a large lens. I love that Nikon has a fantastic auto-focus system, and their Speedlight system (CLS) is fantastic. I find their menu system intuitive, as well as how you navigate said system. The button placement on their DSLR’s is great, and once you learn to control one Nikon, you can control them all.

In terms of image quality, Nikon glass is legendary, and this has not changed in recent times. I have noticed that Nikon will often make certain sacrifices in spec to maintain their image quality, and I really appreciate that. The low light performance of their cameras is excellent, as is the overall frames per second. The lens selection is gigantic, and covers anything from intro-level “kit” lenses to pro level glass, in pretty much any type of combination you could imagine.

And while I could go on and on about all the great reasons why I love Nikon, at the end of the day, it is all about the image. If you’re shooting a Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, it does not matter. What matters is the image that comes out in the end. Cameras should be looked upon as tools, nothing more. For myself, Nikon fits my shooting style very well, and that is the tool I choose to use.


2 thoughts on “On Being A Nikon Fan

  1. flyingkakapo says:

    When auto focus first came on the market and I decided to accept that auto focus cameras were up to the standards advertised by camera manufacturers I decided on changing from Canon to Nikon.
    As all my Canon gear was stolen I decided to check out Nikon, I had been a Canon user since the 1960s. To me there didn’t appear to be much difference in quality between the two so after much research, trials and some pondering the decision to change to Nikon were;
    Although the original Nikon’s auto-focusing was slower than Canons, Nikon has always maintained that any Nikkor lens will fit any Nikon body. At that time nobody was aware of what might come out next in the camera market, so having Nikon there wouldn’t require buying a complete new system. My decision was hanging in the air and what finally made me a Nikon user was that a Canon’s serviceman in Malaysia, although not camera department, abused me and called me a liar when I went to get my Canon machine repaired under warranty. Since then I have never bought a Canon product. Nikon has gained by over RM100,000.
    Today I feel that Nikon has the edge in DSLR’s, perhaps not in the compact market.

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