Re-visiting the Old

It is ironic that I find myself drawn (again), to film photography. There will always be something about film, something magical for me. The discovery of toy cameras, makes this discovery of serendipitous images, even more alluring. It’s like finding a little treasure in a pile of images. It also ties into this post, and a new direction for my blog.

As my last post indicated (3 years ago!), I’ve been busy settling into a new home. I’ve also been busy exploring other art forms, both photography and otherwise. After this divergence, I’ve returned back to photography, with the lessons of this experimentation. Much of the time has been spent understanding the concept of “art for the sake of art.” But, also, trying to create meaning with art. I’ve found that the discovery of meaning, can be found through creation. And sometimes, art can be just that. Art.

So I hope to return to this blog, and talk less about the technical, and more about the process of creating art, showcasing what projects I am working on, and new discoveries I’ve made as an artist.

The biggest realization recently, has been the creation of prints. Photographers don’t print anymore. They post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and that is their only medium to showcase their images. Unfortunately, the computer screen does not match the fidelity of a masterfully printed photograph. And you really can’t hang a computer up on a wall.

I’ve decided to start printing my images again. I used to use an Epson 2200 printer, but ink was becoming cost prohibitive. (I was able to create a series of brightly colored 13″x19″ prints, which I still enjoy today) Instead, I’ve decided to outsource my printing to a couple different candidates (BayPhoto, ProDPI, and possibly, Adorama). I hope to continue to build up my print library, and keep an ever changing photo display in my home studio.

Here’s to a new direction in my work, and a new direction for this blog!


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