The Move to FX

With Nikon’s current deals on their DSLR line, I decided to make the jump to FX. The transition was a heck of a lot easier than I originally anticipated, considering half of my lenses are DX, the other half FX.

I went with the Nikon D750, a solid camera with some significant upgrades from my aging D300 (not even the D300S!). Like many wildlife photographers, I was a bit leery of the drop in frames per second, but after taking the D750 out to the Elkhorn Slough to photograph birds in flight, I am more than happy with the D750 FPS performance.

The auto focus is super fast, the FPS is more than adequate, and the lighter frame body is something I am really enjoying!

I slapped my 105mm macro lens on the D750, and it was great to be back into my native 35mm field of view, with no multiplier.

The ISO sensitivity, and noise control is excellent. I feel like I can create again, with this camera, instead of taking photos.

The transition for me has been more than easy, since I grew up shooting 35mm film, and this sensor size is normal for me.

There is definitely something with FX.



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