I started shooting at the age of 14 with an old Nikon F my father brought back from the Vietnam War. After practicing for years in my mother’s garden, I went off to college and graduated with a BFA in Photography from the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. I started to travel the globe, and soon realized photography would be a life’s calling, a passion to explore, document, and to share with others.

I always found it ironic that someone, who by all definitions, should be classified as near blind, would become a photographer. I believe from this inherited limitation, I gained an appreciation for the visual. With advances in technology, I can use the camera to help showcase how I see the world. The scenic grandeur of the redwoods hidden by the morning fog are just as awe inspiring as a humble bee spreading pollen between flowers. From these modest observations, I begin to see how the intricate web of life ties the tiniest microbe to the largest blue whales. Intimate interactions are where we can truly appreciate how precious and delicate life is. I hope these discoveries are conveyed, and that you, the viewer, will also appreciate all the little pieces that make up this huge universe. Photography is so much more than documenting what you see. It’s capturing that brilliant, yet delicate spark of life.

Explore your world.


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