Nikon’s New Cameras

For those living under a rock, Nikon released two new cameras for 2012, the ultra-high megapixel D800 and the new flagship model, the D4. The question is, how are these cameras for nature or wildlife photography? I’ve spent the past couple days mulling over the details, and I think the answer is, “It depends.”

Nikon's New D800 features a 36.3 megapixel FX sensor.

For macro and landscape photographers, the higher megapixel rating of the D800 is very attractive and will provide another level of detail. Wildlife photographers would also appreciate the higher level of detail, but would sacrifice the higher FPS.

Nikon's flagship D4 features a 16.2 megapixel FX sensor and 11FPS continuous full frame shooting.

The D4 provides a higher FPS and better low light performance, something wildlife photographers will love. (Especially those who shoot in dim/low light conditions, like rainforests or in the woods.) The lower megapixel rating isn’t terrible, and should be able to create some amazing imagery.

For myself, I have yet to decide which model is right for me. Shooting in a wide variety of conditions, the D800 would provide the best all around solution, but the low light performance of the D4 could open up a whole new world, and a whole new method of shooting. Though switching to an FX sensor from a DX sensor will pull in the fantastic reach of my 300mm f/4. Perhaps the D800 would be a nice match to the D300.